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Strengthening democracy by building political engagement & leadership in young girls across India


About Us

We are heading into a general election in 2024 with about 300 M first time voters. Although women across India vote in almost equal numbers as their male counterparts, their engagement in political processes declines beyond the process of voting, with very few women running for office and therefore, few elected representatives. 

On the 26 January 2022 we published results from our survey on “Perceptions of politics among children and young adults across India”. We received over 400 responses from young people between the ages of 11-24. Among other findings, our study found that boys are more likely to have political aspirations than girls and that knowledge of and exposure to politics increases political interest. You can find our report here.

A career in politics is not aspirational for most young girls across India. Our goal is to build political engagement and leadership by working with young girls to demystify political processes and policy issues. 


Kuviraa, which means courageous women in multiple Indian languages, aims to work with young girls, especially from marginalised and minority communities, between the ages of 12 - 20 to change attitudes towards politics in India through the following three goals:

  1. To inspire to engage in political processes and policy making

  2. To build agency to participate in politics beyond voting

  3. To connect and build a community of politically engaged women to support each other

For India to have better female representation, at the local, state and national levels, we will build a strong sisterhood of young women that are politically engaged and will support each other when they decide to run for leadership positions in the future; and learn ways in which they can hold political representatives accountable as a community.

Our Work

Our work

Building a positive narrative around politics through research, strategic communications and campaigns 

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Partnering with schools and nonprofits to work with young girls to build political engagement through interactive workshops

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Our Partners

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Meet the team

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Shevika M,

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Trina Talukdar,
Program Advisor

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Karthik Shankar,

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Write to us at to learn more about our work and partnership opportunities.

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